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Unlocking Portable Oxygen Anywhere

World's Smallest & Most Powerful

Oxygen Concentrator

JUNO sets a new category in the oxygen concentrator space, where performance is matched with true portability.

Our novel technology produces continuous flow, high-purity therapeutic oxygen. It meets the clinical gold standard, while eliminating the need for logistics and transport with oxygen cylinders. 

Unlocking Portable, Medically Essential

Oxygen in Your Hands, Anywhere



Smaller & More Compact
Up to


compared to average continuous flow competitor

>1 Litre Per Minute Oxygen Flow
Meets Clinical Gold Standard


provides greater volume of oxygen per breath

Medically-Essential Oxygen
Safe and Effective Support


in the highest USA FDA and Aust. TGA standards


Learn, Measure, Predict


on our Custom Trained Data Model

Rethink the way oxygen is made

We've developed a new method to produce oxygen and improve the quality of life for millions. 

Roam Technologies JUNO Ecosystem
Smart Cannula
Delivers Oxygen
Produces Oxygen
Health Insights
Learn. Measure. Predict

JUNO is the first part of our plan to improve millions of lives with respiratory illness

One Ecosystem

Join our growing list of partners

We are helping patients and clinicians improve quality of lives.

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ShanShan Wang Profile
ShanShan Wang

CEO & Founder

Natalie Ho Profile
Natalie Ho

CSO & Co-Founder

Eugene Lai Profile
Eugene Lai

CTO & Electronics

Jay Flack Profile
Jay Flack

Chief Scientist & Clinical Lead

Gavin May Profile
Gavin May

COO & Quality

Sisi Zheng Profile
Dr. Sisi Zheng

R&D Chemical Engineer

Jeremy Kwarcinski Profile
Dr. Jeremy Kwarcinski

Clinical Applications

Glenn Armstrong Profile
Glenn Armstrong

Software Architect

Lauren Richardson Profile
Lauren Richardson

PR & Communications

Carine Khoury Profile
Carine Khoury

Medical Development

Lee Walsh Profile
Dr. Lee Walsh

Regulatory Lead

Johnny Khoury Profile
Dr. Johnny Khoury

Medical Advisor

We are an Australian-owned medical device company, comprised of scientists, clinicians and engineers, solving one of the world's biggest health problems.

Who are we

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We’ve also won multiple international design and innovation awards

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